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Remove "all" unused variables with a single click



The sequence analyzer in TestStand-2012 gives warning on "potentially unsed variable". The issue is, I have to click each warning, go to the variable and delete it.


Is there any way to delete all the potentially unsed variables at once?


Best regards


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Hi annav,


your link provieds the solution where you have to double click each variable in the analyser.

This is a very suiteable feature to keep sequence(files) clean. I often use this feature! "Double Click" and "Entf".


And most times i thought i would be great to habe a button there that deletes just all !

In my opinion there is not such a feature implemented.



I encurage you to post this Idea here:

and give a feedback when it is done. One of the first kudo will come from me.



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Feedback or kudos are welcome
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Thanks Jürgen.


I have posted it there.


May be TestStand wants user to look at variable before removing it. But if a user knows what she/he is doing, then such a button will ease file cleaning.

In worst case "Undo" always works and most of us have files in SVN or similar and back-ups and versions.


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