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Remote engine status

Is it possible to check the remote engine status before calling a remote sequence (to prevent an error that'd terminate the sequence)?
There's a "Check Remote System Status" under LabView Utility but that's for the remote LV Engine only.
Thanks in advance.
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Hello Terago,
I don't know of a straightforward way to check the status of the remote engine though I would think it is possible.  I will look into this and let you know if there is a way.  It might be simpler however to change the way your local sequence runs.  You could, for this step enable the 'Ignore Run Time errors' under the Run Options, and then setup the Post Actions to test for the step passing (Step.Result.Status) and if it fails (whether by runtime error, or step failure) you could have it goto a prior step and then try this process again.  Thus you would handle the error and be able to try to make the connection again.  This is not a very elegant solution but it would be one simple way to help workaround this behavior if we are unable to find a true way to query for the remote engine's status.
John B.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thanks John, I'll give your suggestion a try. If you found a way to check the remote engine status, please let me know, thanks.


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I did some more reasearch and talked to our R&D department and it seems as though there is no method to check the status of a remote TestStand Engine.  Since the feature you would really like to have is not currently included in TestStand you could file a Product Suggestion so that it can be considered for future versions.

Yet we can still workaround this limitation.  You could setup something similar to what I suggested in my previous post, or it was also mentioned to me you could try to run a dummy sequence to test the engine status.  With the dummy sequence call you could loop on that step and treat it as a 'ping' to the remote machine.  Then, when you get a succesful call to that remote machine, you could launch the real remote sequence you want to use. 

Hope this helps!

John B.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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I have currently created a test system based on TS2014 and the problems still persists. I will suggest the following change to TestStand:


  • If the DUT fails and cannot communicate with Teststand you get a timeout system error (after a long timeout). There should be a steptype or method to check if the remote PC is connected and REngine is running on that PC. This function should return the connection status immediately.
  • Reboot time of the DUT remote PC can vary. There should be a method to detect when the REngine is up and running. The Host PC could then continuously check for this and continue testing when REngine is running.
H. Molsen, CIM Industrial Systems
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