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Re: Adding VIs to sequence


On the front panel, you must have
1. error out cluster
2. Test Data cluster

These clusters must have labels and they are case sensitive, error out and
Test Data
They MUST be connected to the connector pane on the front panel.
However, you usually get an error message saying that the VI Server couldn't
find the Test Data cluster or error out cluster. Did you see these
Make sure you are using LV 5.1 or LV 5.0.1 for TestStand. No other versions
of LV 5.0.x will work.

Paul Mueller
National Instruments

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Date: Saturday, August 28, 1999 7:18 AM
Subject: Adding VIs to sequence

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>I have a VI that all I want to do is have test stand execute it.
>I Add Step->Action (using the LV adapter). Specify the module.
>I run the sequence and I get the error:
>An error occurred in the 'My Test' step of the 'MainSequence' sequence
>in 'test.seq'.
>LabVIEW : parameter Test Data not found in the VI's connector pane.
>An error occurred accessing the LabVIEW ActiveX automation server.
>Error Code: -18001
>I have a test data indicator on the panel, I have a create test data
>cluster in the diagram wired to the test data indicator.
>If I specify module-> create the VI, I have no trouble...what is
>causing this difficulty.
>Anybody interested in being a compensated consult on this?
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This is a answer to the question

"Adding VIs to sequence" You can see the question below the answer in the above attachement.

Anand Jain
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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