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Pushing 'Browse for Python Module ..." button in 'Create/Update Custom Data Type from Enum' window makes TestStand crash

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This issue occurs because I want to create step types which have a pre-step which call a python method with enum parameters


Here are the actions

- creation of a steptype with a pre-step which call the python method.

- In this method, there are some enum parameters : I set its type to Enum.

- I click on the 'Create/Update Custom Data Type...' button and the window 'Create/Update Custom Data Type from Enum' appears

- When I click the 'Browse for Python Module ..." button, then TestStand crashes. so I can't do the mapping between the Python enum and the TestStand enum


There is no issue If I do the same actions in a step module within a step. 


I use TestStand 2021 SP1 64 bits


Any solution or workaround ?






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I have created a bug for the scenario you described.


I do not have a solution but have workaround.


The dialog is used to create a TestStand enum which maps to a Python enum specified in the dialog.

So, use the dialog from the step module, where it works, and create TestStand enum. The newly created enum will have the mapping of TestStand enum to Python enum. You can verify by going to properties of the enum and looking at data under the 'Python' tab.


In the module settings of the pre-step substep, you need to use instance of the newly created enum as parameter value. Also, set the parameter type to be either 'Dynamic' or 'Enum'.



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