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Property Loader - JSON, NoSQL, SystemLink, or More Advanced Features?


I am tasked with upgrading an old test sequence at my company. One of the steps is the property loader. I thought I had everything correct, but I am still getting issues. I would like to upgrade the property loader to use a more friendly syntax or scheme. Some questions:


1. Can we use a JSON formatted property loader file? I think this would look a lot lot nicer than CSV or tab delimited.

2. I have seen that it is possible to use a database connection to query and load the properties. Is it possible to use a NoSQL database?

3. Is it possible to write a plug-in for TestStand to add either of the above features myself? I figure asking this here might simply provide a faster answer with better links than I could find on my own.

4. Is there any thought of integrating the property loader with SystemLink? I know that SystemLink uses a MongoDB server underneath to store all the system information, so I think it would be a small leap to add a "Property Modifier" tab or section where users could add their own properties to be stored with all the other pertinent system information.

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