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Programmatically loop through multiple measurement limit tests

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Hi all,

Its pretty common for me to have to check multiple voltages on a device in manufacturing.


I'm looking for a way to create a generic sequence, that I feed a file to that, governs how many times to loop though a voltage measurement subVI.


I'd like to pass an array like this via a file.


Testname  |  Voltage Limit High | Voltage Limit Low

Item 1       |    3.2                     I      3.4

Item 2       |    4.8                     |      5.2 


Which would cause the VoltageRead.VI sequence (Theoretical VI) to loop 2 times and report a voltage each time which gets evaluated against the upper and lower limits.


I can do it in labview with teststand passing the file name to a DynamicLoopVoltageRead.VI and spit out a boolean array of pass/fail but I would like to know if there is a more elegant method in test stand.


Any help is greatly appreciated.




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Does your file have to be formatted exactly like that?  If so then you will need ot a create a VI to read in the file and call it separately as an action step.  If not you can use a property object file and just use the built in TestStand functions.


Attached is a sequence that shows how to loop on a step.  Yours would of course be a VI call and not the none adapter.


BTW- your low limit is higher than your high limit... 🙂

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Thanks that works.


The formatting isnt important and ill stick with what teststand loves the most.


my low limit moved to colorado.



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