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Programatically update the Report Option dialog in NI Test Stand 4.2.1

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I would like to know, what is the procedure to modify Customise the Report Option dialog window with custom default value before displaying the window to user.


We are writing our own process model to customise report options, Database option and User Management module of Test Stand. I am unable to update the Dialog window with modified settings.


Please help me.


I followed the instructions mentioned in link


But this is customization for the single sequence and also this is not updating the Report Options Dialog window. Please find the screenshot which i want to customize.


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The screenshoot you have posted is done my CVI- modelsupport2.dll with funcion DisplayReportOptionsDialogEx.

in side is code there is ReadReportOptionDefaultsEx (this function will be also used in model sequence "Get Report Options")

it will read "TestStandModelReportOptions.ini" .

So there were 2 solutions.

1. ) Changing ReadReportOptionDefaultsEx (Not recommend because changing stuff from NI is bad, by chaninging you are in charge off)

2.) Just change the ini File for your needs.

Hope this helps


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Not sure why you would want to do this when you can programatically define your ReportOptions by Overriding the ReportOptions Callback an thereby not having to present any dialog window to the operator (which is not a good idea..)



Ray Farmer
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