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Preloading Modules very slow when no source for PPL



I have made a sequence with LabVIEW libraries. I worked with PPL, so I referenced my LV project file, with the VI in the lvlib :

Config LV Step.png

I set the Override Settings to target the right Build Specification :

Override Steeings.png


When I was developping, during my tests, I had the Preloading Modules window. I always used the "Always run VIs in PPL" in the LV adapter options. Everything was fine.

Preloading Modules.png


Now, I need to go to production mode. So I deleted sources, and keep only PPL (lvlibp), and lvproj of course.


It is working at the end, but the "Preloading Modules" window is very very very slow (few minutes).


Do you know what's happening ?



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Hi,  Can you please post the files to reproduce this issue?

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