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Precondition for Engine callbacks

Hi all,


Is it possible to Implement  a  Pre-Condition for an Engine callback  .


Its so that  I  am  writing the Result in to TDM format after every  step   and I use Sequencefilepoststep for that.


Well I want to Ignore some steps  and specifically the steps from PreUUT loop where I do Initialization


the main test  is in the main seq and its sub-seq


is  this a feasible goal

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It sounds like you need to use the SequenceFilePostResultListEntry engine callback.  That one only gets triggered whenever a step inserts information into the result list.  So the steps that don't report won't trigger it.




If you insist on using the SequenceFilePostStep engine callback then you can just put a big If/End combo around all the steps and use Parameters.Step.RecordResults to determine if the code block should execute.


Hope this helps,

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This may not work for you, but you could put an if or goto statement as the very first step in your engine callback and use an expression for the True/False condition. If True then do the callback, if not then skip to the end without doing anything. For example you could have an expression that said if this step is an Numeric Limit step type OR a Multiple Numeric Limit step type, save data to the TDMS file.


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Thnks guys,


I will go ahead with this callback


what is the greater diff betw. SequenceFilePostResultListEntry  &  SequenceFilePostResults

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If you read the help to the callback sequences, you will read the following for the SequenceFilePostResult:

After the engine collects a step result in the sequence file and the number of collected results or the time since collected results were last processed exceeds a threshold.


So this is not 'triggered' for each step execution, but only in specific cases. Essentially, if you look for instances of functionality working like "[..] the number of collected results or the time since collected results were last processed exceeds a threshold.", you should find something like "On-The-Fly Reporting".

So using this callback, you can implement things comparable to the default option of "on-the-fly reporting"....



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