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PostUIMessageEx from C#

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I've managed to send my message by PostUIMessageEx from TS sequence and handle it in my OI. 

Is it way to send same PostUIMessageEx message from C# dll?

I'm trying to do following but not succseeded 


public void UDPConnect (SequenceContext seqContext, out bool result, out String reportText, out bool errorOccurred, out int errorCode, out String errorMsg)

       PropertyObject propertyObject = seqContext.AsPropertyObject();

       Thread.PostUIMessageEx(NationalInstruments.TestStand.Interop.API.UIMessageCodes.UIMsg_UserMessageBase + 3, 0.0, "Hello", propertyObject.GetValInterface("Locals.Thread", 0), true);




Please find attachment.

Thanks a lot

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Where is "Thread" coming from? You need to get it from the sequence context. Thread is an object you need to make the call on.


Hope this helps,


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