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Post expression use of condition statements


Hi all

the  expression   Field for  a step  does not allow use of   If else   statements


should I take it  as "limited" feature of teststand  & use the Statement-step or am I misled!

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I think  If else cant be used in "expression"  


may be I have to use the flow control

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What exactly are you trying to do?  If you are trying to set a value, then it can be done.


locals.num = locals.bool? TrueValue:FalseValue

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I wanted to use  the If else  condition statements


but  now I am able to do the same with "?:"

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It's true that expression allow only "a boolean select".

What is the use case for more complicated selections with more than two options?

Why is it beneficial to implement this as a step component (that means: obfuscating options) instead of displaying the selection in an obvious, readable way as multiple steps?



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