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Passing data between LabVIEW Actor Framework and TestStand

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I am looking for some kind of best practice.


I have a LabView Actor Framework where I wired the main actors enqueuer to TestStand, this way I can contol the AF from Teststand.  Using the AF's send messages I can execute different sequences, power a pcb on, init a test, start a measurement. 


Now I can't really find a clean solution to handle situation where I have to wait for something, f.e. a "Power On Acknowlege" ob the pcb's bus. This signal would be required to proceed the TestStand sequence to the next step. Or simply passing measurement data to TestStand for a limit test.


My current solution would be to create a variable in TS and poll it in a while loop, and write it in Labview with "TestStand - set property". This doesn't feel right.


Any Ideas?



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Thank you, that's exactly the solution I went for in the meantime.


Works like a charm 

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