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Pass a U64 out of labview into a TS variable

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I have a labview VI that passes out a U64.


When I specify a TS Numeric, I get the error below.


I am not sure how to convert this number on the way out of labview to a floating point, other than to wrap the labview (which I would rather not do).


Can this be done?  Or will I need to wrap/convert LV before I set the TS variable?


Evaluation Error
Expected Number {Unsigned 64-bit Integer} or LabVIEWDynamicData, found Number {64-bit Floating Point}.

NOTE: Numeric representations must match exactly.

Use the following to specify a numeric constant in an expression:
64-bit Floating Point: 1234
Signed 64-bit Integer: 1234i64
Unsigned 64-bit Integer: 1234ui64

Use the following expression functions to convert between representations:
Convert to 64-bit Floating Point: Float64()
Convert to signed 64-bit Integer: Int64()
Convert to unsigned 64-bit Integer: UInt64()

Use the following API functions to get or set values of the various representations:
(NOTE: You can use PropOption_CoerceFromNumber and PropOption_CoerceToNumber to coerce between representations.)
64-bit Floating Point: Get\SetValNumber or Get\SetValNumberByOffset
Signed 64-bit Integer: Get\SetValInteger64 or Get\SetValInteger64ByOffset
Unsigned 64-bit Integer: Get\SetValUnsignedInteger64 or Get\SetValUnsignedInteger64ByOffset

This value will cause a run-time error.

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Accepted by Jed_Davidow

Not sure what variable you are assigning it to in TS but I just created a Local variable called Locals.U64 and then right click on it and change the representation to U64.  I could then assign it to my U64 output for LabVIEW just fine.


Hope this helps,

~Will work for kudos and/or BBQ~
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