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Parallel test using batch model

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I'm relatively new to TestStand and have a question that seems to have an easy solution but I can't figure out (looked at the examples, forums, etc)


We use the batch model (some slight modifications for reporting) but run everything sequentially and have the model option set to 1 socket. I have 2 DUTs being tested sharing a temp chamber and 2 PXI 4145s  (one for each DUT, using 1 channel as the power supply and the three other channels for measurements). I handle all the instrument initializationg in a ProcessSetup callback and jump into the MainSequence once the test is done I go into the ProcessCleanup call back and close all references (we are using DVRs for the instruments).


I'd like to set the model option to have 2 sockets. So if I set the VI call that sets the temperature to "One thread only" TestStand will start two sequences, and one of them would set the temp and the other would skip it but move on once the step in executed.  Is there a way to tell TestStand "for UUT 0, use SMU1 and for UUT 1 use SMU2" and have the rendezvous at the next temperature?


It's a weird situation because all the examples I've been able to find have the  "more UUTs than Instruments" problem so in my case it's a good problem to have :).


Thanks in advance!

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You can use the expression RunState.TestSocket.Count which is 0 based.  Use that value to build up your SMU string.  


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Thank you so much! worked like a charm! 

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