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Opening XML Report Inside TestStand Development Environment

Am I able to open previously generated XML reports inside the TestStand development environment?  I want to look at XML files from previous run inside TestStand.  Is there a way to do that?


I don't want to use an external viewer.  I want to use TestStand.

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As far as I know, unfortunately not possible - since TestStand was not built to be a file viewer.


Certain file types - like text, XML and HTML reports are displayed for easier review after testing but that is not the main feature.


Any reason, why you want TestStand to be the file viewer? TestStand does not even have any additional functionality other than just show the file.

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Mainly for the sake of convenience.  I figured since TestStand can show the execution report it might show any report.

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You could probably make a tool menu item that runs a sequence file that prompts for a report file path, loads the report and stores it in Runstate.Report and displays its execution window so the report can be seen.


I'm not recommending it, just mentioning it for completeness. 

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