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Offline Results Processing Utility (ORPU) no window

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Hello everyone,

i have some troubles with the ORPU. If i start the ORPU i get the small icon near the clock, but if i try to access the window nothing happens. Also in the small preview, which you get when you hover over the icon in the taskbar in win10, you only see an empty white screen. (See attachements)


Even if i start the .exe manually out of the file explorer, nothing changes.

Is there a way to reset the whole ORPU? A few months ago i create a test profile in the ORPU, maybe it doesn´t work anymore. I already cleared the two ResultProcessing.cfg files at ...ProgramData\National Instruments\TestStand 2019 (64-bit)\Cfg\ModelPlugins

Thanks for your help.

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Okay, the window has not been repositioned, so it was still on my Laptop Screen even though it was currently not activ (laptop closed).

But maybe someone would have the same struggles sometime, so here is the solution. 🙂

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