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Obtaining the pass/fail boolean result from a Numeric Limit Test

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From my main sequence, I'd like to call a subsequence of steps. If any of the tests in the subsequence fails, the main sequence should skip all remaining tests for this UUT.



I was planning to have the subsequence return a boolean flag back to the main sequence, which would check this flag and skip to the Cleanup step group if necessary. Most of the subsequence tests are done in a loop, so I was thinking of this approach:


bool allPassed = true;
foreach (itemsToTest) {
    allPassed = allPassed && currentTestResult;

return allPassed;



While this is easy to do with a Pass/Fail test, I couldn't find a way to get the boolean result of a Numeric Limit test.



  1. Is there a way to get this boolean result?
  2. Is there a better way to fulfil my requirement?



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Using Post Actions would be so much easier.  You can setup the sequence to do various things on a failure, including going to a step that you specify (ie Cleanup).

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You might also consider using the station option "Goto cleanup on sequence failure" instead.



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Thanks for your suggestions, crossrulz and Doug.



I had missed a key point: A sequence call is also considered a "step" which can pass/fail. That sure makes life easier! 🙂

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