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Numeric Limit Test - Several arrays and 1 limit set per array

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Hello !


I am quite new to Teststand and I get stuck with an issue of which the solution should not be that intricate ... (I think ...).


I would like to use a "Numeric Limit Test" vi (LabVIEW module). This vi returns 3 arrays and I would like to define 1 "min/max" set for each array.

i.e. :

ARRAY1 => each element compared to min1 & max1

ARRAY2 => each element compared to min2 & max2

ARRAY3 => each element compared to min3 & max3


For 1 array, I found this solution : I write Locals.ARRAY1[RunState.LoopIndex]  in "DataSource" and all the elements of the array are compared to the limits I have chosen. Of course, when I add 2 arrays, the same limits are compared to those new arrays but I would like to allocate 1 limits set to 1 array.

Does anyone have an idea of an easy solution ?


My Teststand code and the little vi are here below if it might help.

Thank you in advance !

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Accepted by gvanhoeke

Consider this example.  The trick is Repeat One Measurement on the Data Source tab.

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Damn ! It seems so easy the way you have solved this ! I definitely like this solution and you answered my next question ("How can I get to know which element of the array was not in the limits?") at the same time ! Smiley Very Happy


Thank you ! Smiley Happy

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Glad it worked. 


Good luck!

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