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No results in the report

I am new with TestStand, recently I have an issue about result reporting in TestStand.
I use a filter to filter the result that only include "Pass" and "Fail", using the expression as below:


"Left(Result.TS.StepType, 7) != "NI_Flow" && (Result.Status == "Passed" || Result.Status == "Failed")"


The problem is that when I have a running of the test, I will get a run-time error sometimes. Then there is no any results in the report.

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Hi TomcatG


I'm interested if you are still seeing this issue?


I tried to replicate the issue on my machine, copy and pasted the result filter expression you have below and was able to execute fine and generate an ATML report (with Passed/Failed results only and no flow control).


Can you give us more information about your other result settings and the sequence that you are running?

You say you sometimes get a runtime error, how often? Is it associated with any sequence or conditions?

Dane S.
Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Yes, this issue still exist.

BTW, I checked the setting of NEW UUT Report file for Each UUT, because I would like to have an new report for each running loop of ONE UUT.


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