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Need shortcut

Hi all,


I have sequence which contains 100+ Ex: Subsequence 1, Subsequence 2,,,,, Subsequence 100

if i want to remove any step means I have to remove in all subsequence 


Are there any way like if I can remove all at a time( instead of go to each subsequence and delete a step)


Thanks in advance

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I don't think there's a way to do that.  Given the commonality in your subsequences, there's probably a better way to architect your sequence files and perhaps your model.


Pulido Technologies LLC

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There is no direct way.

Have written a small test sequence which does that.


Run the MasterSequence.seq which removes statement1 step from 



Few changes that you may need to do :


Edit locals.StepToBeDeleted and locals.Filepath.


Hope this helps.



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