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NaN issue with output on NI Test Stand

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Anyone experience this issue that after several test this comes out for certain units only. Example I have 3 units 

unit 1: 50mA

unit 2: NaNmA

unit 3: 65mA


No error appears

but declared as failed as per the image attached




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Hi, I believe this behavior is expected and originates from over-range measurements.The measured value is out of range - For example: Module is measuring ~110uA, which as we know is the border for the over-range condition at 100uA range.You can avoid this by setting measurements to auto.


Another reason is, LV code modules fails to communicate/publish the result to TestStand - You could to add delay and try once again.

Dharani | CLA | CTD
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Hi Dharani,


I already performed your suggestions on the program but still we are having a reading of NaNm. For now, we lowered the voltage stress for us not to trigger this over-range failure measurement reading. Thanks for answering



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Accepted by topic author Don_Crisostomo

Hi, I couldn't think of any other troubleshooting steps here. I am assuming you are using NI STS. If yes, it requires remote troubleshooting, so please work local NI support team or the system supplier. They should be able to find out the root cause and provide solution faster.

Dharani | CLA | CTD
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