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NI_LV_RunVIAsynchronously step starts after next step

I'm calling a VI with the NI_LV_RunVIAsynchronously step 

This vi starts AFTER I exectute the next step. Is this normal behaviour? or how can i solve this?


my current workaround is having a label step after the NI_LV_RunVIAsynchronously step

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Just tried to reproduce the behaviour you are describing, yet I didn't succeed.


Can you please elaborate on the setting you are using?

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It seemed to occur when I had a breakpoint on the NI_LV_RunVIAsynchronously step.


After removing the breakpoint and restarting computer it seems to work okay now...

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Breakpoint on step means: don't execute the step until I tell you to


So that makes sense

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The behaviour was:


Breakpoint on step

*Press F10 (next step) --> nothing happens but I expect that the step should execute

*Press F10 Again --? Asynch step + step after asynch step executes at the same time

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