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NI-8451 Arduino signal using TestStand or Labview

Hello,currently working with some pneumatic textboxes wich needs sometimes a reset(shut down +power on ).And i want to do this remotely.To cut off the power (24v) using arduino+relay,delay 10s and then power on.Inside the testbox i use ni8451 for data aquisition I2C from some pneumatic sensors .Also I have installed on pc TestStand,Labview and CVI.How can i send a signal to arduino to switch off the relay for 10s and then switch on using this device? Is it possible ?


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the first thing to do IMHO would be to cure the cause instead of the symptoms: find out why your testboxes hang and remove the cause.


Second thing: this is probably not the exactly right forum to ask, since your issue is more instruent than software-related.


There are several options, really depending on which part of your test box hangs... if the 8451 doesn't, use one of the GPIOs to reset the rest. Or send and SPI command to the Arduino. Or send a command via USB / network to the Arduino....


Really depends.... knowing the root cause greatly helps

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