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Mysterious errorcode -17306 "Unknown variable or property name"

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Yes. Originally that extra step wasnt present but i added it as a troubleshooting step. It has made no difference and removing it just now didnt affect it either.

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This might seem bizarre, but try this:

  • Insert a new blank Python module step
  • Set the module settings
  • Set the parameter variables
  • Delete the old step that is not working
  • Run your sequence
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I got a bit busy but i tested this as well and it sadly didn't affect the error.


I've however done some more testing and i think I've manage to isolate what it is in the container that causes the error. Apparently passing a container that has an array of a custom array type causes the error in teststand. Not sure why tho. I've sent a bug report to NI and hopefully that'll help me get to the bottom of this.


Another avenue I'm planning on testing is to see if me using the "enable debugging" setting in the python adapter. I originally did this because i was having a lot of issues with the windows environment variable but I'm gonna give it another go and see if i can get it working.

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Accepted by topic author MalteGS

I've been in talks with NI regarding this issue and we've managed to find somewhat of a solution.


Turns out that nested arrays aren't supported for passing data in and out of python. This is currently seen as a feature not a bug. To achieve the desired functionality you are meant to use a 2D array. I've tested this and it works as intended.


TL;DR use 2D arrays not nested arrays.


I've since ran into another instance of the same error but this seems to be cause by something different relating to some arrays of containers. I'll make a separate post once this gets resolved in case anybody else runs into the same issue.


Thanks for all the help!

- Malte

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