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Multiple UUT Result

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Hello Community,


Teststand 2014 32bit

Using Schema for result processing.


I have a Main sequence and a regular sequence used for a message prompt only.

The regular sequence gets called from the Main sequence, displays a message, and the loop waits for the Pass/Fail Test to result true.

Once the Pass/Fail Test completes, then I terminate the Call execution of my regular sequence, which is shown in my database as UUT_STATUS Terminate.

I only want to log my Main sequence, which is the one in the image with a UUT_STATUS of failed.

It shows up as having two Unique IDs in my UUT_RESULT table.


How can I keep the regular sequence from being logged in my database?


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Additional information

The other sequence(s) i do not want to be logged to my database has an Entry Point: Single Pass and Execution Options: Use New execution.

The Action step taken is an ActiveX/COM. Module setup is Object Class: Execution, Call Method, and Terminate.

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Hi MechUnit,


You can go to File > Sequence Properties on the sequence you want to disable the result for and select "Disable Result Recording for All Steps" which would stop it from displaying the information you don't want.

Sunayna R.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Hi Sunaenae,


I tried that, but that only stopped the steps inside the sequence from displaying in the Schema STEP_RESULT.

The sequence itself still shows up as a record in the Schema UUT_RESULT.

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Hi MechUnit,


On the Step Settings for the SequenceCall step, you can go to Properties > Run Options and choose Result Recording Option as Disabled. This should prevent the sequence from showing up on the report. More information about this function can be found here:

Sunayna R.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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I tried that as well Smiley Indifferent

The step settings for result recording are for that particular step in the sequence only.

It still shows up as if I am testing two UUTs in my database result processing, because I have my main sequence and the other sequence being called as a new execution.


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Accepted by topic author MechUnit

Why are you running the prompt with a process model?  In your Sequence Call Advanced Settings change the Process Model Options to Do not use a process model. The process model is the one that writes the results to the database.  If you change it to not use a model then it won't touch the database.


See the image.


Hope this helps,

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I learned something new. That seemed to have done the trick. Smiley Happy


Thank you both for your help and time

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