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Multiple TestStand engine references when using multiple VIs with the TS operator interface



I am developing a TestStand Operator Interface based on the fully fledged TS-OI example shipped with LV/TS.

I am trying to dynamically load another VI which is supposed to show result graphs from the test currently running in the OI.

My problem is that the TS-OI (obviously) uses the Application Manager, SequenceFileView Manager and the ExecutionView Manager controls for this purpose.


My challenge arises when I try to load a VI into a control in the TS-OI, since this VI also uses these three controls, and you're only supposed to call them once.


I then read that this is no problem since the TS Engine can be accessed using a simple Automation Refnum to TSUI.IApplicationManager and performing an "Automation Open" command. I can easily place the reference, but I can never open a reference to the Engine since I get the error "Automation Open: Object specified is not creatable in". Error code 3005.


I'm using LV/TS 2017.


Any suggestions as how to proceed? I need to make these two VIs coexist using the same references to the TS engine, and I'm not sure how to do this.


Any help is appreciated!



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HI did you solve the problem ?

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