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Modifying the advanced TestStand UI

I have decided to use the advanced TestStand UI for the users to execute sequences.

I want to make use of both the Editor and the Operator versions of this.


I now want to remove items from the operator interface but still keep them in the editor interface.

There is an example of this; the Insertion Palette is visible in the editor Interface but not in the operator interface.

For example, i want to remove the File Variables pane and the Sequence List pane from the operator interface.


However, i cannot find how to do this, i can't see where the command line arguments for which interface to use are read, nor do i see where the ctrl+alt+shift+insert command is listened to.


Any tips? Thanks

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The issue you are having is that the selection for "visibility" setting for certain "TestStand Visual Controls" (e.g. insertion palette) is already contained in the control itself. Remember that these controls are ActiveX controls which provide pre-written functionality. The connection you select for the control to a given Manager Control defines the purpose and behavior of the control.


If you want to add similar functionality to custom elements (LV or .NET controls, TS visible controls which do NOT contain that kind of code), you can do this. However, you have to add code yourself to do this.

First of, all controls provide "Visible" (or similar) as a property. You can write that property to TRUE or FALSE (in most cases). The TS API, to be more specific: The AppMgr provides a boolean flag called "IsEditor" which represents what you are looking for. So please hook up the two information and you should be good.



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See ApplicationMgr.IsEditor, ApplicationMgr.EditModeShortcutKey, and ApplicationMgr.EditModeChanged.

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