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ModifyReportEntry Add Additional Data

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Hello to all the Teststand Experts,


I am developing automatic test system for electronic component.


I am using TestStand 2014 and LabVIEW 2014. I am generating report as XML format using horizontal.xsl to display the report.


I am trying to add an additional data (e.g. name this data "StepDescription") to my report in the report body. I found information about how to modify the xsl file to add a new column to the report table (using BeginTable function) and set the step type to which this new data appear (search for "ADD_COLUMN_DATA_<n>" in the xsl file. This is all done and works fine.


Now I need to add my data into the XML output file so that the xsl can display this data in the new "StepDescription" column.


I am using the ModifyReportEntry callback to add my data into the report string. Following are my problems:


1. I noticed that the ModifyReportEntry callback was not called at all as I ran my sequence. I am generating my report as XML format. In the report option, the "Select a Report Generator for Producing the Report Body" box was gray out, so I cannot select the "Sequence" check box. Is this normal? If it is gray out, what does it use (Sequence or DLL) to generate the report body for XML format output?


2. If you can help me overcome the problem in 1., then there is another problem, which is, how do I save the "StepDescription" data to the result database? I ask this because if I use the 'Additional Results' of a step to write the data to the database, it will also appear on the report (as property attributes). How can I write the data to the database using 'Additional Results' without it printing on the report again (since the data appears in "StepDescription" column already).




Thanks for you help.





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My first thought is that you could create custom step types (e.g. "ActionWithDesc") and add "StepDescription" to the Result container.  This might be an easier way to get your StepDescription into the XML without using Additional Results.


What you describe in "1." doesn't sound familiar to me.  Perhaps a screenshot would be helpful.  For XML reports, there's a sequence called reportgen_xml.seq in C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\TestStand 2012\Components\Models\TestStandModels


That sequence calls other methods within the TestStand API.


Pulido Technologies LLC

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Hello pulidotech,


thanks for the suggestion to use a custom step types. I will look into this as I have not created a custom step type before.


in 1. I placed a break point in the ModifyReportEntry callback and the break point was not triggered. I then changed my report to html and it stop at the break point at every test step. So I concluded that XML report does not call the ModifyReportEntry. I just want to know if XML report does not call ModifyReportEntry, what alternative do I have.


I will look into the reportgen_xml.seq.


Thanks for the suggestions.




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Hello pulidotech,

that answers my question, that ModifyReportEntry only works for HTML and ASCII report. I will have to consider switching to HTML. Thanks for the information.




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