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Modify local variables with C# dll

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 void AppMgr_UserMessage(UIMessage uiMsg)





    switch ((int)uiMsg.Event)


      case 10200: //update the UI to reflect the current progress

        progressBar.Value = (int)uiMsg.NumericData;

        label.Text = uiMsg.StringData;



      case 10201: //Close the form, cleaning up the AppMgr Reference

        AppMgr = null;         this.Close();




      case 10202: // Send text to the calling Test Stand App

        label.Text = "10202";

        uiMsg.AsPropertyObject().SetValString("Locals.opText", 0, "Something");





This is some code from your Floating .Net panel example

In the last case above I am trying to modify one of Test Stand's local variables. I think it is probably not sensible to cast uiMsg as a PropertyObject the way I have here.

I think it is more likely that I will have to pass the variable I want to modify from Test Stand to the DLL.

Not sure how to do this, any ideas ?



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Accepted by krugman2

Hi Krugman2,


To do this you need the coresponding SequenceContext!

Try uiMsg.Thread.GetSequenceContext(0,frameId).AsPropertyObject()


Maybe this thread could be interresting:





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Feedback or kudos are welcome
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That worked well, thanks
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Bonjour, Est ce que il y a une possibilité de recuperer la version de test dans testStand et l'afficher dans une textbox en c# sachant que j'utilise le c#

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