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Modify example Simple UI for 2 sockets

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Hi Gentelmen, I'm trying to modify the sample application 'simple labview UI' from one socket to two, but after I likely did, I have just second executionview displayed the running socket while the frist executionview left blank(grey). attached the picture. Relatively, the combo box on the top of the executionview is also blank.(however, if you click the combo, and select right socket, the first executionview will display the right running sequence). Please someone check my code, to see my mistakes, thanks.
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forgot, thanks for reminding me

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An example piece of code was posted a few months ago on this:


I haven't tried this in your code, but I believe that you can use the Parameters.TestSocket.Index value to choose between your two ExecutionView references.  


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Accepted by topic author WD1978

I tried integrating that code and it works great with an example parallel sequence.  Specifically look at my implementation of "DisplayExecution Event".  I hope this solves your problem.


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thanks a lot.

it works.



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