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Model Plugin - Pre UUT is not overriding, but Model Plugin - Initialize is



TestStand 2017, are there common reasons why Model Plugins don't override the Sequential Model plugins? My plugin is in TestStand public.../ModelPlugins. There are three plugin seqs.


A summary of how my three plugins execute, using Test UUTs eep:

Model Plugin - Configure Standard Options -- works in the Report Processing dialog.

Model Plugin - Initialize -- fires at the 'Model Plugins - Begin' step in Test UUTs

Model Plugin - Pre UUT 

-- The 'PreUUT Callback' step executes in Test UUTs. Shouldn't this be skipped?

-- The 'Model Plugin - Pre UUT' sequence in ModelSupport.seq is called, not my plugin seq.


Any hints on what to check are welcome. Thank you. -cc

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I'm not sure I follow completely, but maybe this will help.


Plugins have entry points that the process models call at the appropriate times. These entry points are not model callbacks and they don't override model callbacks.


To call plugin entry points, a process model calls sequences in ModelSupport.seq, such as Model Plugin - Pre UUT.  These sequences loop through the list of add-ons and the list of plugins that are configured and call the corresponding entry point in each one.  The usual model plugin configuration file is the one the Results Processing dialog box creates at ProgramData\National Instruments\TestStand 2020 (64-bit)\Cfg\ModelPlugins\ResultProcessing.cfg. but there can be more.


Model Plugin - Initialize is always called for plugins in a configuration, to give each plugin a chance to enabled itself if it is disabled. If your model plugin Pre UUT entry point is not begin called, but your Initialize Entry point is, it is probably because it is not set as enabled is the configuration that lists it.


There is documentation in the help file, or here: Process Model Plug-in Architecture - TestStand 2019 Help - National Instruments (


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