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Message PopUp Maximum Button


Hi Guys.


I'm using the Message PopUp to select diferent options, but I need to put more than 6 Options.


The Message PopUp have 6 maximum, it is any way to increase the number of buttons into a message PopUp (more than 6)?



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You may customize the MessageBox Steptype to add more buttons. The source code is available for you to change at the location:   Components\StepTypes\MsgBox

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Add button in the message pop up will satisfy your question..
I tried with 2 earlier in my project... but this should work for 6 buttons also
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There is no problem for 1~6 buttons, but I need to add more than 6...

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Then add them. As already mentioned, the source code for the existing message box is available. Use that or create your own with whatever programming language you want.
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I´m also trying to have 7 button in the popup menu.

  • I open the "msgbox.prj" with my editor but I really dont know what i need to change or include in it.
  • I also open the "msgbox.h" and I´ve included (#define MAX_NUMBER_BUTTONS   7) but nothing changes in my program.


Could you please help me with this?


Thanks so much in advance!!

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You need CVI/LabWindows development Software to program the MessageBox source code. You can add n number of buttons and program it to do the specific task you plan. 

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I cannt do it without that??


thanks for your help!!

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Other options will be create your custom message box using LabVIEW or C# and call it from TestStand.



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Hi Luis,


If you can live with having the options split over several Message Popups, ie. not all displayed at the same time, then there is a way of doing this with the 'out-of-the-box' Message Popup.


I've created an example sequence that pulls the options into the Message Popup from an array (it'll work for any number of elements) and displays them in the popup.


If the option they want is not in the first five, they can click for 'MORE >>'...



Popup 1.PNG


...and the popup will update with more options from the array!


Popup 2.PNG


This is all contained in one Message Popup step and acheived through custom looping and pre-expressions.




Charlie Rodway | Principal Software Engineer | Certified TestStand Architect (CTA)

Computer Controlled Solutions Ltd | NI Silver Alliance Partner | GDevCon#1 Sponsor

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