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Memory leak issue

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Hi all,

After a long period of development, I'm testing the robustess of my process in loop.

I get a memory increasing of around 100MB during 15 hours.

It's quite a lot and I need to fix it for production usage.


I'm using TS2019 with a custom OI developed in LV2019 (I don' t have the source code of this OI)

I'm using a lot of .NET code modules so to investigate, I run OI under Visual Studio debugger to profile memory usage.

I don't see any CLR memory leak.


But when I close OI, I get a TS memory leak warning like that :


"References to PropertyObjects were not released properly.
Total number of objects: 163367
Number of top-level objects: 647"


I think a lot of TS object has not been released during my loop test.

But I don't know why and I don't know how to get the root cause.


please, can someone help me and give me some way to investigate on this issue.

Thanks in advance for your help


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Hello maxmont


How does the memory behave when you execute the sequence with the TestStand Sequence Editor?
I would test this to make sure the problem is not coming from the OI.



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Hello Chris,


Thanks for your response.

I get the same warning message (memory leak) after I run sequence in SeqEdit and when I close SeqEdit.




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Hi Maxime


I would use the TestStand Sequence Editor to test individual code modules one after another. That way you can find out who is responsible for the memory leak.


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Accepted by topic author maxmont



I ve found the root cause of this memory leak TS message. I stored execution object into a TS Queue in order to be used by a thirdparty application.

So, at the end of execution, TS was not able to release it.

For moment, I remove this object storing. and the message doesn't appear anymore when I close SeqEdit or OI.


In parallel, the burnin test under OI have an anormal memory consomption (memory leak).

I ve prouve with a simple sequence file that the issue is due to OI itself.

Now, I will work with OI developer to troubleshoot this issue....




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