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Measurements don't display in Report for Multiple Numeric Limit Test

The Report file that is generated upon completion of my Main Sequence does not display the measurements taken from a Multiple Numeric Limit Test. How can I see what the measurements were?
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Attached is a sequence that generates a report that includes measurements taken from a Multimple Numeric Limit Test. I have also included a screen shot of the report that was generated and have indicated the included measurements. Perhaps you can try executing my sequence to see if you get the same results that I do. If you do not then I would investigate your Report Option settings to make sure you have not accidentally disabled the Include Measurement option. Finally if you are still not getting the expected measurements I would begin to suspect that you have made customizations to the process model that are affecting the report generation.
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The values will show up in the report. Make sure that the following is true:
1) You are using a TS 2.0 process model, and not a custom version of your own.
2) The Report Option setting called "Include Measurements" is enabled.

If these are true, do the following debug:
1) Verify that the step result is showing up in the report, but not the measurements.
2) After you edit the step, look at the flags for the Step.Result.Measurement array property and verify that the IncludeInReport flag is set.
3) Then look at Step.Result.Measurement[0].Data and verify that the IsMeasurement flag is set.

Note: To look at flag values for a specified property, open the Properties dialog box for it. Then click on the Advanced button to view the flag values.

Scott Richardson
Scott Richardson
National Instruments
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