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MS Edge open XML TS report


Can the new MS Edge web browser (year 2020) open/run TestStand XML report files. 

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By default No. Most modern browsers have security that blocks the XML from showing up correctly due to the StyleSheet.


In Edge you'll end up with an error like this when loading the XML (same as Chrome)


Whereas in Firefox you end up with an error as well



I haven't found a way to bypass that. So I just use Internet Explorer still...


This is only if you have the files locally. If they are on a HTTP server, then this error doesn't exist.

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Thanks for the confirmation on using IE. Guess I'll keep using IE.


Btw, I came across this using a Site List in Edge Chromium that enables "IE Mode". I was unsuccessful using a local file "sites.xml" copied to the Documents folder as explained in the link instructions. site-list-in-edge-chromium 

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