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Looping in TestSequence

Good day,
I have a computer that fails a test intermittently, but if immediately after the part fails, I test it on another computer it passes without any problem.
Pins and wiring have already been discarded.
My question is how can I create a loop for that test in the sequence?
I had used this custom loop:


Loop Initialization Expression: RunState.LoopIndex = 1
Loop Increment Expression: RunState.LoopIndex += 1
Loop While Expression: (RunState.LoopIndex==0) || (RunState.LoopIndex > RunState.LoopNumPassed ) && (RunState.LoopIndex< 4)
Loop Status Expression: RunState.LoopNumFailed< 2 ? "Passed" : "Failed"

It passed the test, but it didn't generate any errors even after removing the pin, I don't know what I did wrong.


I hope you can help me. Greetings

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If you go to the properties of each step it has a looping feature. ( You can also add logic to the looping i.e. try n times)




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