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Looping Batch Sequences

I am running a 10 week soak test with 16 sockets (1 per UUT) using a batch process model.  The test sequence itself takes 10 minutes for each socket (all run sequentionally as they are sharing a piece of test equipment).  I would like the batch to start over on its own continuously over the 10 week test cycle once the 16th socket completes without re-entering the serial number information.  Another issue is that I have to terminate sockets for failed equipment to pull out for investigation while not disturbing the other sockets.


Any advice on how to achieve this?

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Hey Cam,


Will you be switching out the sockets after each 10 minute soak?  Or will each socket be soaking for multiple soaks in the 10 week period?  And if one does fail and needs to be switched out will the replacing socket just finish out the 10 week stint that the other one couldn't complete? 


If you aren't going to switch the sockets out then it's best to loop within the sequence.  That way you don't have the overhead of dealing with serial numbers.  Just use the Lock step to prevent multiple threads from trying to get the equipment at once.  So the sequence would look something like this:


Create Lock

A Label step for looping

Non equipment steps

Lock Eqipment

Run soak test

Unlock Equipment

Examine Pass fail and determine if socket needs to be replaced.  If so then either skip to the end or wait until part is replaced.

Post test steps that need to be executed for each iteration

Goto step that jumps back to the Label step above


Hopefully that makes sense.  If it doesn't then let me know which version of TS you are running and I'll throw together a simple example.



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