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Logging a Result from a generic sub sequence

I have created a sub sequence that I wish to treat as a single test.


The sequence contains several reusable Labview VIs.


I have created parameters to pass in the arguments to run the test.  The outputs from the tests are recorded in a byRef parameter called "ResultsArray".  I can then call this sequence several times within my main sequence as its own test.


The problem is that I want to process the results array two ways:


  • Sometimes I want the results array to just log one or more of the entries in the report
  • Sometimes I want to perform a Pass/Fail on one or more of the results


So essentially, I want to treat this sequence like a P/F test, where the sequence itself is generic, and all the P/F logic is configured in the main sequence.


But when I try to do this, I find that the post-expressions and log additional results are unable to access Paramaters.ResultsArray, even though it's passed by Reference.


Can I do this?  Or do I need to pass those results back to a FileGlobal and parse them in a separate step?

EDIT:  To be clear...


I am able to log the entire array of strings parameter by clicking the [OUT] version of it in the Additional Results portion.

However, I would like to be able to:

  • Extract one or more of the results from that array and record the result under a specific name
  • Extract one of more of the results from that array and execute some type of limits/logic and P/F the sub-sequence as if it was a test

Right now the only thing I can think to do is to pass the results array into a generic Locals container and write a separate P/F tests to process it.


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