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Log VI path in TestStand Database

I am trying to edit my TestStand database schema to have a column that records the VI file path of any labview step that is called.  I just don't know what I need to put in the "Value to log" field to achieve this.  For example to log the step name it has Logging.StepResult.TS.StepName but I don't see any variables in the expression browser that look like they would return the file path.  I know some variables don't exist until the sequence is actually executing.  I image that might be the case here. 


Does anyone have experience with this and might know what the expression should be? 


I also would guess I need some kind of precondition for it as well so it doesn't error out on non-labview step (without a path)?


Thanks in advance,




Edit:  I did try Step.TS.SData.ViCall.VIPath already but it didn't work.  I think it needs to be something in the Logging. context, but I am not sure.  I haven't done much work with schemas.

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