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Log Results to MySQL database

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Hi All


I have a working Teststand that creates HTML reports.

Now I need to send it to a MySQL database.


I've read the following: Logging TestStand Results to a MySQL Database Tutorial


But it looks like they create a database on the local machine that is testing.

I have a MySQL database on a Raspberry Pi.


  1. So what do I need to install on the Testing Station (Deployed PC)? Only ODBC driver?
  2. What tables and entries do I create for my Teststand test in the database (Rasp Pi)? e.g., Test 1, low limit, high limit etc..

Some guidance will be helpful.




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From TestStand perspective : MYSQL can be deployed anywhere.The connection string matters.

Once the connection is established it is also necessary that the required schema be present on the MYSQL database. The query to generate the required tables is also provided by NI.

Refer TestStand help document.


The above link also should help you get it done.


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Thanx for the answer.



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