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Load parameter when opening vi


I am implementing a Teststand sequence composed of several generic tests in LabView.

A same VI may be call several times in the sequence but with different parameters that I fill in the tab module of the Teststand step.

My question is :

Is there a way to open a vi from the Teststand sequence using the value of the parameters written in the module and not the default value of the parameters of the VI?


It would be very useful particularly for debuging when a same is called vi 4 or 5 times. Every time I open one of them I need to rewrite all parameters to test it.


Thank you!

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When you right click on that step and run it then the parameters of that step is passed to the VI. ( run selected step)

Is this what you need.



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Hi Ravi,

Thanks for your answer. This is not exactly what I need, in your proposition, the VI is executed with the parameters entered in Teststand.

What I just want to do is open the VI front panel from TestStand with the parameters updated by the one written in the module tab.

I don't know if this is possible done but I would find this quite useful.

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