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Load custom palette with TestStand API LabView

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I'm still trying to generate programmatically Sequence for TestStand with TestStabd API for Labview. But I don't know how to load my customs paletteS with the API.


CASE 1 :

If I create manually an Action Step in TestStand to launch my VI, where I plug  "ThisContext" in order to have an Engine reference in my VI, it generate functional SequenceFile. In the VI, I create a custom step "SET_TAG" ( from TestInView, maybe someone knows it ?)

The created file is visible with the file "SEQ well created.PNG".



In my case, I don' want to launch directly TestStand and a sequence to launch my VI.

I'd like to launch only my VI. But when I try it, my customs palettes seem to not been loaded. And I have an error.

The error is visible with the file "Problem Front Panel.PNG".


To launch my VI with TestStand and do my demonstration, I edited my VI.

The difference in VI between the 2 CASES, is visible with the file "iew VI OK and NOK.png".



So my question, is : how to load my customs palettes with the API ?


By advance, thank you


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Are you sure the type is not getting loaded?  Check out the attached image.  If you create a simple VI that does this then do you see your type in the list?


Does your type get loaded when you open the sequence editor?

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I did what you said for the both situations.

I'm sure my customs palettes are not loaded.

Please, see the attached files, where you have the results of the suggested VI (I sent the strings tables in txt files) .


I "installed" my customs palettes , by putting them in the folder : 

"C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\TestStand 2017 (64-bit)\Components\TypePalettes"



Is is the wrong way ?

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That seems very odd.  Are you using 64-bit LabVIEW?  It feels like it's opening the wrong TestStand engine for some reason.


All types should get loaded when you call the Engine.LoadTypePaletteFilesEx.

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Accepted by topic author Alexandre.R

Wow, it was indeed a version problem.


For a strange reason, I have a TestStand  folder in "C:\Program Files (x86)", even though, I have only a 64 bit TestStand on my computer.


For those who could have the problem, the solution is to copy/paste customs palettes in this folder :

"C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\TestStand 2017\Components\TypePalettes"


I know it's not the best solution, but for the moment, it works. My developments are designed to an other computer, which I hope, has a better software installation (LabView2017 32 bits, TestStand 2017 32 bits).


For information, my Software installation is :

LabView 2016 is a 32 bits, TestStand 2017 is a 64 bits


(All palettes are not loaded, but almost all, it's ok for my usage. You can see in attached file the new list of palettes loaded after the copy/past).


Jiggawax, thank you again.

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