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LabView vi's in TestStand batch test.

I am fairly new to TestStand as far as running tests in Parallel within a batch test sequence. I am attempting to run a temperature chamber using a thermal DAQ to average 8 UUT's temperature as the control to ensure temperature soak for all UUT's. Once they all reach the required temp, I want to run a series of different tests on each UUT in parallel and log data for each UUT in it's own report. I am doing this for ten temp cycles of hot and cold.


I am able to test these using the sequential model but testing all UUT's in series takes a long time.  Do I need to add some TestStand sequence context parameters in the LabVIEW VI's to configure and call in TestStand?


Any help here in greatly appreciated?

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If I understand your use case correctly, the batch process model is what you need.

It does provide the step needed to synchronize.



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I have tried the batch example and can run it successfully with only running the vi's that  perform a query on the UUT's (8 total). But, when I call other LV VI's sequential in the main sequence. They run 8 times as well even when I go to the properties and set synchronization to 'No Synchronization'. Perhaps my understanding of the batch execution is not how I am thinking it should run.

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Could you please share a simplified example to review your implementation?


On the other hand, please ensure that the VIs called in the sequence are NOT non-reentrant, in that case whenever one of the sockets is using the VI other sockets will be waiting for the VI to become available which is counter-productive to choosing the batch model.

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As santo_13 has mentioned: VIs won't run in parallel when not configured correctly. Even if TestStand tries.


I still have trouble understanding, what you are describing. An example might really help.


When running in batch model:


No synchronized section

Sockets run independently and in parallel if code modules allow to do so (see above)


Parallel Synchronized Section

All sockets enter the section together and leave the section together. Within the section, they run completely in parallel (*limitation from above apply). Usually used, when sockets use a common environmental stimuli, like all UUTs being tested in the same climatic chamber at constant conditions.


Serial Synchronized Section

All sockets enter the section together and leave the section together. TestStand makes sure, that only one socket at a time is executed, e.g. to make use of shared instrumentation.


One Thread Only

All sockets enter the section together and leave the section together. Only one socket executes the code within the section, e.g. setting a new temperatire for the climatic chamber and wait until setpoint is reached.



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