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LabView VI monitoring parallel testing sequence



I'm running a parallel testing sequence with up to 8 tests running at the same time. The current situation leads to having 8 different LabView windows monitoring the tests at runtime, which can be messy for the users. The tests run for a great amount of time, and does not start at the same time!


I have managed to create a LabView VI that can import VI modules into subpanels (monitoring VI), so that I can have one window showing 8 different tests.


Is it possible to run this monitoring VI from TestStand and keep running until the 'Exit' button in the parallel UUT input has been clicked? 


I can of course run the VI from only the first execution, but this locks the first execution to not finish until that VI is closed. I can also start the VI manually from LabView, but that is not something I want for the user to handle. 




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Solved the problem by editing the "Parallel Sequence" file properties, and run the VI from there.

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