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LabVIEW new "Silver" error cluster and TestStand

I have some new VI's that use the new "Silver" style error controls and indicators.  I started calling the VI's from TestStand and noticed that the new VI's were not auto populating the TestStand error to the VI's error out.  Not sure how this mechanism works but it doesn't work with the default "Silver" controls.  I think it is name based case sensitive and I just have to rename the "Error Out" cluster to be lower case "error out".

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Paul -


Can you confirm that the problem you're describing is that because the name of the Silver error cluster is "Error Out", when you configure a LabVIEW step to call a VI that has the Silver error cluster wired to the connect pane, TestStand does not automatically assign Step.Result.Error to that parameter? If so, we have reproduced this behavior and yes, you are correct that it is due to case sensitivity. We have taken note of this in order to fix the problem in a future version of TestStand.


I also just wanted to confirm that the problem is not that the error information is not correctly passed from LabVIEW to TestStand, when you assign Step.Result.Error to a Silver error cluster parameter.


Please let me know.

Manooch H.
National Instruments
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Yes - what I am describing is only the auto assign of Step.Result.Error to the default LabVIEW Silver cluster.  Changing the Silver error out cluster name to all lower case fixes the auto assign.  Once assigned (automatic or manual) there are no other issues and information is corretly passed from LabVIEW to TestStand.

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Thank you for confirming Paul. Again, we will try to fix this behavior in a future version of TestStand. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Manooch H.
National Instruments
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I hate to create zombie threads, but in case anyone stumbles onto this thread as a search result, this is still an issue with TestStand 2017. It's a hard one to find (toggling between a Teststand window with a message about Status in Step.Result.Error and a LabView window with an Error Out cluster that has a status Boolean in it doesn't jump out at you.

It's even harder to find if the offending error cluster comes from a utility subVI.

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Can you post an example of a VI that causes the problem?


Thank you 
Anand Jain


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