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LabVIEW: VI server access denied.

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A week or so ago I was trying the LabVIEW Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit for Windows. To enable it, I had to go to LabVIEW>Tools>Options>VI Server: Configuration and enable the TCP/IP check box under protocols. The tool works fine, but now I cannot edit or run VI's from TestStand.


In the Step Settings window in TestStand, I get the red exclamation mark comes up with the error "LabVIEW: VI server access denied." This started happening immediately after I enabled the TCP/IP check box, but it won't go away after I deselect it or restart LabVIEW/TestStand etc. I've toggled the LabVIEW adaptor to run-time mode and back to development. Error still there.


I saw a few related threads here on the forum, but nothing that seems relevant.


I am using LabVIEW 8.6 and TestStand 4.1.

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I believe you're running into a bug in the toolkit which inadvertantly locks out VI server access. Check out the following article and see if the remedy works for you:

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Thanks for the link. I had not seen that. Unfortunately the HighlightObject By Allow access option is already selected. I toggled it and restarted just to be sure. Looks like there are other settings in that dialog that I could experiment with.

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You've misread the document. You need to replace the "HighlightObject By" entry with a single asterisk (which means any).

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Ah, that's it. Thank you.

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