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LabVIEW RTE with TestStand VIs

I have a TestStand sequence with LabVIEW VIs.  Everything works fine with LabVIEW development but of course it doesn't work when I switch to runtime. 


By disabling code step by step, I have found that teststand doesn't like the VIs for "TestStand - Start Modal Dialog (Sequence Context).vi" and and "TestStand - End Modal Dialog (Sequence Context).vi".  I believe this is because those VIs have the checkbox checked for "Separate compiled code from source file".  I can't uncheck that box since the VIs are password protected.  Any ideas on how I can get around this problem?


I'm also surprised that TestStand doesn't like VIs designed for use with TestStand. 

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From my experience switching to RTE with normal VIs always leads to problems. When we started to use packed libs it always works as expected in both in development and RTE. I remember there was some secret ini key for teststand to point it to compiled labview cache that we used to make it work for normal VIs with LV RTE.

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