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LabVIEW Basic Function Generator Waveform giving issues in TestStand Deployment

The error given is -19057 The following VIs do not have the expected qualified name

I'm running into this issue with the Basic Function Generator Waveform from NI_MABase.lvlib.

Also having the same issue with List Top Level




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I haven't found too much information about the error that you mentioned on the post, but I'm seen that there are some files missing on the applicaiton. 


Here is a KB that helps when you are using code modules on TestStand.



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Hi Foreshadow20,


Please attach the deployment log so I can get a bit more detail on what happened (click the save log dropdown and select technical support log).  Also, if it is possible to send the AO that is causing the issue, I can try to reproduce the problem.  I was not able to reproduce it myself with a simple test of a VI calling the waveform generator.


Without any additional information, this error may be occurring if the NI_MABase.lvlib library in vi.lib was somehow modified.  Try opening "AO" and each VI mentioned in the error in LabVIEW, and see if the VI is broken.  If any of the vi.lib VIs are broken, you can recreate a fresh copy of vi.lib by renaming the vi.lib folder and running a repair install of LabVIEW.

Al B.
Staff Software Engineer - TestStand
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