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LV with Producer\Consumer schematic in Teststand


Hello everyone,


I have a very complex experiment using several parallel statemachines. My Main-Machine is Event-triggered with the buttons on the UI. The whole project is based on the producer\ consumer example from NI.


Now I want to start testing a much wider range of points (e.g. frequency sweep from 0-10kHz in 1Hz steps). Normally I would set the frequency (and other inputs) and press start on my Main-Window. Some measurements and time-crucial events are triggered and the results all written to multiple measurement files. After each measurement a report is generated based on the results from each file.


Now my question: Can I use a producer\ consumer VI in Teststand and Loop over an input variable? How can I queue elements from Tesstand to the VI?


Or can I only use seperate VIs (without while loops inside that need external inputs) in Teststand and synchronize them via its own synchronization palette? This would mean completely separate the existing project and rebuild it fresh in Teststand with individual VIs completing my tasks.

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I wrote a quick example which hopefully outlines my problem.


Continous VIContinous VI



After the VIs is started an initialization will be performed which results in a Boolean (Ini_Out). When the system has correctly started the application is in standby. Then the input can be manipulated and results generated (Output).


How can I access the output connectors from Teststand? 

When I start the sequence the VI waits until the while loop is completed. Is it possible to run continous VIs (in my case with queues) and set inputs for each step of the sequence? I would also need access the outputs and determine the next input values based on these outputs.


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