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Hi all,


How can write from teststand on LV queue ?

I've done a very LV simple project where I've :

 1) Listner: is a while (1) main loop on is made of "Obtain Queue" and "Dequeue Element" LV APIs

2) TestStandEngine : is a while(1) loop which prepare the data to send, it calls TsSender which

     packing the data into the message cluster (Typedef Message.ctl) and pass the cluster to final VI     

     (SetQueue) to write the cluster in the queue.


The Listner and TestStandEngine  doesn't share any queueu reference, but working on the same queue indentified by name.


The LV project working well, now I would use the same schema in testStand. I keep the Listner and use SetQueue into TS for loop and increasing only the numeric filed in message (TS side), but the Listner seems not able to receive the message.


Any suggestion?


I'm using LV2018 and TS2017










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Found !!!!!😂😂

Is the "context", what I mean...I mean that the queue is "reachable" by name from the VIs only if the VI run into a same context where the context is the LV project or the same TS sequence.

So my TS sequence should be include a main trunk where I call the "" in the TS for loop and in TS SetUp step insert a  "Call Status Monitor" where I start the


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